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Case Tracker

Case Tracker

CaseWatch is the answer to your litigation woes of follow up, tracking and informing regular updates of cases, orders and other relevant information, without having to go through multiple websites every single time. Generate your personal cause list, set case alerts and share case information with your team and clientele.

CaseWatch’s case tracking features are designed especially for

  • Solo Practitioners
  • Lawyers
  • Court Staff
  • Law Firms
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Government Public Prosecutors
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Verification Service

Verification Services

CaseWatch provides you with a litigation record check for pending & decided cases using which you can verify civil and criminal antecedents of individual / company across all courts in India helping you with legal due diligence whenever you need.

CaseWatch’s verification services are designed especially for

  • Lawyers
  • Property Dealership
  • Private Investigators
  • Financial Institutions
  • HR & Personnel Management
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Concise, sortable, easy-to-read reports exportable in PDF, XLS


Comes with your personalized dashboard Auto-generate your personalised daily causelist Add tasks to get reminders before they become due


See all your cases at one glance arranged in order of its next hearing, automatically! Add your To do list and get reminders before they become due


User can add Multiple number of cases to track User can create sub members and assign cases to them based in licenses subscribed


Google Calendar integration to keep tab of your calendar from one place Manupatra integration to read text of final judgment (where applicable)


Automate Your Legal Practice

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