8 Reasons why all Lawyers need a Case Tracking Software?

Tracking the progress of a case manually is a tedious task. Combing through each item on the Cause List to figure out when is the next date of hearing, and preparing for the hearing in accordance with the status of the case requires a significant amount of effort and time. For lawyers, time translates into billable hours. Hence, the time spent in administrative matters of tracking and managing the caseload is revenue lost, and thus not conducive to run a successful practice.

With the advent of technology, lawyers are increasingly relying on software solutions. Automation of case tracking is one of the many examples of technology, assisting lawyers in their daily tasks. Case tracking software solutions automatically update case diaries, send reminders in real time about the next hearing dates, and keep the lawyers up to date on the status of their cases.


#1 SMS & Email Alerts

Using a Case Tracking software ensures you to get alerts over SMS and Email, notifying you of the next date of hearing and new orders uploaded for your case.The need for periodically checking the status on multiple sites is done away with completely. The time that would otherwise have been spent in manually scanning cause-lists and tracking can now be devoted to core legal work thus augmenting individual’s productivity and efficiency.

#2 Single Point Access

The provision to upload documents and notes against each case assists to keep all relevant information in one place on the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere.

#3 Dashboard

Software provide Dashboard, which allows user to efficiently monitor the activity of multiple cases, across multiple courts, through a single display interface. The dashboard allows you to

  • See all the key information about your cases at a glance
  • Create personal cause list
  • Sort and filter cases by the court and party name
  • Keep a tab on the hearing dates
  • Review delivered orders
  • Tag Cases for easy reference

#4 Client Servicing

The software allows for Notifications to be set up for Clients. This ensures that your clients also receive alerts as and when there is a development in their case. This does away with the requirement to call or follow up constantly to get a status update on both sides.

#5 Integration with Calendar

With multiple cases in hand, scheduling becomes a tedious task for any lawyer. Case tracking software integrates your Calendar, Gmail, Outlook etc., ensuring all dates are accessible from a single point.

#6 Set Alerts

Users can set alert for reminders and select the periodicity at which they require the alerts. This ensures no dates are missed and there are no court appearances without being adequately prepared.

#7 Multi User Environment

For practices with teams, users can be created and cases assigned within the team. The case load mapping, and tracking can all be done from a single dashboard. Likewise alerts and reminders and case information can be shared with multiple people simultaneously.

#8 Reports

The interface provides concise, sortable, easy-to-read reports exportable in PDF, XLS

The fast-paced nature of work prevalent in the legal fraternity makes it even more critical that lawyers/law firms increase their reliance on technology. An automated case tracking software simplifies the tasks which earlier took hours to complete, simply by opening an App on the computer or mobile. It is affordable, easy and simple to use, cloud-based, and most importantly, has features that would make life very easy for legal professionals! It not only increases the lawyer's efficiency and productivity but also helps in speedier disposal of cases. Be it lawyers, law firms, or even litigation counsels for companies, everybody needs a case tracking software solution.

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