Verification Services

Verification Services

Casewatch offers you a litigation record check of any individual /enterprise. It provides access to search a comprehensive database by party name (Individual or Company) across the pending and decided cases across all Courts of India:

  • District Courts
  • Tribunals
  • High Courts
  • Supreme Court
Verification Service

Employee Background Verification

With an increase in the exposure that employees have to sensitive company information, financial accounts, proprietary and customer details, Employee Background Verification has become a necessary precursor to all hiring and promotion decisions.

Criminal Litigation Records Verification

Protect your organization from potential threats of theft, fraud, embezzlement and potential law suits as a result of negligent hiring and not undertaking verification of antecedents.

  • Criminal Litigation Record check can be conducted to reveal any pastor ongoing criminal litigation associated for an individual or company
  • Civil Litigation Records Verification - any civil litigation such as restraining orders, money demands, personal injury cases and damages.

Credit Litigations Records Verification

Company antecedent’s Verification Check is becoming de rigueur in the current dynamic, fast moving VUCA business environment. Through a litigation record check, checking that an individual/enterprise has no history of personal/financial mismanagement is essentially a pre-requisite for anyone who will have dealings with financial functions within an organization.
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