1. How can I refer my friend to CaseWatch?

You can refer your friends, colleagues to CaseWatch and in process you earn Cash Back of Rs. 200 for every successful subscription done by your referred friend.
  • Visit www.CaseWatch.com/refer or CaseWatch mobile App.
  • Simply fill in your Name, Registered Mobile Number (RMN) and Email and submit it.
  • Please make sure that you enter the 10-digit Mobile number which is registered with CaseWatch. You can refer by Email, copy the referral link.
  • You may also refer by entering your friend’s details – Name, Mobile and Email. Please make sure that you fill in the right details as your friend will be informed through Email, that s/he has been referred by you.

2. How do I know that my referral has been considered?

While manually entering, your friends details, you will get a pop up which will indicate whether the friend you have referred has already been referred, is already an existing CaseWatch subscriber or whether your referral was successfully submitted.

Please note that only non-subscribers of CaseWatch, and only those who are being referred for the 1st time, will be considered. Read more, on T&C

Also, we will intimate your referred friend through Email, once successfully referred. So make sure, that you enter the correct contact details for every referral.

3. How many friends can I refer?

You can refer as many friends as you wish but the Cashback offer is available only upto 3 referees who subscribe. However, CaseWatch may revise the capping at any point. So, check out this page for update.

4. What is the benefit I get on referring CaseWatch?

For each successful activation from the among the friends you have referred, you will receive a Cash Back of Rs. 300/- in your CaseWatch account.

5. How will I get the Referral benefit?

For each successful activation from the among the friends you have referred, you will receive a Cheque of Rs. 200 as Cash Back within 30 days of activation of Subscription by your friend.

6. How do I know if my friend has got CaseWatch?

Once your friend purchases the CaseWatch connection online from www.CaseWatch.in we will intimate you through an Email. Post that, as soon as your friend’s connection is activated, you will get an Email about the Cash back credit of Rs200/-* into your CaseWatch account.

7. How do I know if I got the benefit?

As soon as your successfully referred friend’s CaseWatch connection is activated, you will get an Email about the credit of Rs 200/-* into your CaseWatch account.

8. What is the benefit my friend gets on activating CaseWatch?

The friend gets 30 days extra subscription period on CaseWatch.in. This means he gets to use CaseWatch for 13 months. The special offer only on purchasing from the referral link shared by his friend or purchases through our support desk or Relationship Manager.

9. I am trying to refer my friend. But it says, he’s already been referred. Why?

Possible. It maybe because, he has already been referred by someone else before you. This program will consider only those people who are being referred for the 1st time.

10. Does my friend get called by CaseWatch?

Well, it depends. CaseWatch may reach out to your friend if you have manually entered their mobile number to remind them of this exciting offer. We will touch base with them through Email, on being successfully referred.

That said, you can do your bit, by telling them to join CaseWatch. In the process, you get Cash back Rs 200/- for every successful activation!

11. I am not a subscriber of CaseWatch. How do I refer?

The Referral offer is applicable only for CaseWatch subscribers.